Country Gazette – Country Gazette Live/Sunny Side Of The Mountain/What A Way To Make A Living

3 Albums on 2 CDs – £9.99
Catalog No. BGOCD1016
Country Gazette Live/Sunny Side Of The Mountain/What A Way To Make A Living by Country Gazette
  • Three albums from 1975, 1976 and 1977 by the country rockers, originally released on Transatlantic Records
  • Originally formed by ex-members of Dillard & Clark Byron Berline, Billy Ray Latham and Roger Bush
  • Former Kentucky Colonels member Roland White joined in 1975, but the bluegrass group finally disbanded after different membership in 1988
  • Digitally remastered and slipcased, and with new notes
  • Also available on BGO Records:
    BGOCD298 Traitor In Our Midst/Don’t Give Up The Day Job


  1. Country Gazette Live: Black Mountain Rag
  2. Roses For A Sunday Morning
  3. Blue Blue Day
  4. To Prove My Love To You
  5. Lonesome Road
  6. Will You Be Lonesome Too
  7. Only Way Home
  8. Sally Goodin
  9. My Baby’s Gone
  10. Sunday Sunrise
  11. Laughing Guitar
  12. Never Ending Love
  13. Holland Holiday
  14. Down In The Bluegrass

    Sunny Side Of The Mountain: Still Feeling Blue
  15. Sure Didn’t Take Him Long
  16. Out To Lunch
  17. Melody For Baby
  18. Sing A Sad Song
  19. Sunny Side Of The Mountain
  20. Down Down Down
  21. Why You Been Gone So Long
  22. Forked Deer
  23. Time Left To Wander
  24. Last Thing On My Mind
  25. Uncle Cloony Played The Banjo (But Mostly Out Of Time)
  26. Blue Light

    What A Way To Make A Living: Goodbye Mitchell Jayne
  27. Loving You Too Well
  28. Dark Hollow
  29. In Despair
  30. Old Old House
  31. Beautiful Life
  32. One Woman Man
  33. White Washed Chimney
  34. On My Mind
  35. Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down
  36. Last Letter
  37. Nantyglo R.F.C.