April Wine – The Nature Of The Beast/Power Play

Double CD – £9.99
Catalog No. BGOCD1044
The Nature Of The Beast/Power Play  by April Wine


  1. The Nature Of The Beast: All Over Town
  2. Tellin’ Me Lies
  3. Sign Of The Gypsy Queen
  4. Just Between You And Me
  5. Wanna Rock
  6. Caught In The Crossfire
  7. Future Tense
  8. Big City Girls
  9. Crash And Burn
  10. Bad Boys
  11. One More Time

    Power Play: Anything You Want, You Got It
  12. Enough Is Enough
  13. If You See Kay
  14. What If We Fall In Love
  15. Waiting On A Miracle
  16. Doin’ It Right
  17. Ain’t Got Your Love
  18. Blood Money
  19. Tell Me Why
  20. Runners In The Night

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