Young Tradition, The – The Young Tradition/So Cheerfully Round/ Galleries + Chicken On A Raft EP

Double CD – £9.99
Catalog No. BGOCD1103
The Young Tradition/So Cheerfully Round/ Galleries + Chicken On A Raft EP by Young Tradition, The
  • All three Transatlantic albums plus 1968’s ‘Chicken On A Raft’ EP from this influential English folk group
  • The group was made up of Peter Bellamy, Royston Wood and Heather Wood
  • ‘The Young Tradition’ was first released in 1965, and the group disbanded in 1969 after the release of ‘Galleries’
  • All three pursued solo careers, but sadly Royston Wood died in 1990 and Peter Bellamy in 1991
  • Extensive new notes by John O’Regan
  • Digitally remastered and slipcased


The Young Tradition:

  1. Byker Hill
  2. The Bold Fisherman
  3. Betsy The Serving Maid
  4. Henry The Poacher
  5. The Lyke Wake Dirge
  6. The Banks Of Claudy
  7. The Innocent Hare
  8. Dives And Lazarus
  9. Derry Down Fair
  10. The Truth Sent From Above
  11. Pretty Nancy Of Yarmouth


So Cheerfully Round:

  1. Daddy Fox
  2. The Season Round
  3. The Bold Dragoon
  4. Watercress-O
  5. The Old Miser
  6. The Foxhunt
  7. Knight William
  8. The Single Man’s Warning
  9. The Pretty Ploughboy
  10. The Hungry Child
  11. The Whitsuntide Carol



  1. Intro: Ductia
  2. The Barley Straw
  3. What If A Day
  4. The Loyal Lover
  5. Entracte: Stones In My Passway
  6. Idumea
  7. The Husbandman And The Serving Man
  8. The Rolling Of The Stones
  9. The Bitter Withy
  10. The Banks Of The Nile
  11. Wondrous Love
  12. Mediaeval Mystery Tour
  13. Divertissement: Upon The Bough
  14. Ratcliff Highway
  15. The Brisk Young Widow
  16. Interlude: The Pembroke Unique Ensemble
  17. John Barleycorn