Steeleye Span – Live At Last! / Sails Of Silver

2 on 1 CD – £9.99
Catalog No. BGOCD1147
Live At Last! / Sails Of Silver by Steeleye Span
  • From 1978 and 1980 respectively come these two Steeleye Span albums, originally recorded for Chrysalis
  • The ‘Live’ album was, at the time, their eleventh album and they disbanded five days after the recording
  • The ‘Live’ album has Martin Carthy and John Kirkpatrick in the band
  • A reformed Steeleye Span are still gigging extensively and touring
  • Digitally remastered, slipcased and with new notes


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  1. The Atholl Highlanders/Walter Bulwer’s Polka
  2. Saucy Sailor/Black Freighter
  3. The Maid And The Palmer
  4. Hunting The Wren
  5. Montrose
  6. Bonnets So Blue
  7. The False Knight On The Road



  1. Sails Of Silver
  2. My Love
  3. Barnet Fair
  4. Senior Service
  5. Gone To America
  6. Where Are They Now
  7. Let Her Go Down
  8. Longbone
  9. Marigold/Harvest Home
  10. Tell Me Why