Sun – Wanna Make Love / Sun-Power / Sunburn

Double CD – £9.99
Catalog No. BGOCD1225
Wanna Make Love / Sun-Power / Sunburn by Sun
  • Soul R&B band’s first three Capitol albums from 1976, 1977 and 1978
  • All three albums made the US Top 100 with the singles ‘Wanna Make Love’, ‘Boogie Bopper’ and ‘Sun Is Here’ making the US R&B charts
  • Digitally remastered and slipcased
  • Extensive new notes by Charles Waring


Disc One

  1. Wanna Make Love:
  2. Live On, Dream On
  3. Tell The People
  4. My Woman
  5. They’re Calling For More
  6. Wanna Make Love (Come Flick My BIC)
  7. Love Is Never Sure
  8. The Show Is Over
  9. It’s Killing Me
  10. Give Your Love To Me



  1. Light Me Up
  2. Boogie Bopper
  3. We’re So Hot
  4. Conscience
  5. Time Is Passing
  6. Just A Minute Of Your Time
  7. Organ Grinder
  8. She Lives Alone


Disc Two


  1. Introduction: You Are My Sunshine
  2. Sun Is Here
  3. Dance (Do What You Wanna Do)
  4. When You Put Your Hand In Mine
  5. You’re The One
  6. Long Drawn Out Thang
  7. You Don’t Have To Hurry
  8. I Had A Choice
  9. Sun Of A Gun