Jim Reeves – Yours Sincerely, Jim Reeves / Blue Side Of Lonesome / A Touch Of Sadness / Jim Reeves On Stage

Double CD – £9.99
Catalog No. BGOCD1249
Yours Sincerely, Jim Reeves / Blue Side Of Lonesome / A Touch Of Sadness / Jim Reeves On Stage by Jim Reeves
  • Jim Reeves dies in a plane crash in 1964 and, like Buddy Holly, due to demand from his legion of fans, the vaults were scoured for unreleased material
  • These four albums from 1966, 1967 and 1968 were all Country Top 5 albums with the singles ‘Blue Side Of Lonesome’, ‘I Won’t Come In While He’s There’ and ‘Mexican Joe’ all Country No.1s
  • Reeves’ popularity even today spans from the US to the UK and from South Africa to India, extraordinary for a Country singer
  • Digitally remastered and slipcased
  • Extensive new notes


Yours Sincerely, Jim Reeves:

  1. He’ll Have To Go
  2. Blue Yodel No. 5
  3. Newscast Of 1948
  4. My Mary
  5. When Did You Leave Heaven
  6. Mexican Joe
  7. Back Up And Push
  8. Yonder Comes A Sucker
  9. The Wreck Of The Number Nine
  10. Scarlet Ribbons
  11. The Fool’s Paradise
  12. Billy Bayou
  13. Am I Losing You
  14. I Grew Up
  15. He’ll Have To Go


Blue Side Of Lonesome:

  1. Blue Side Of Lonesome
  2. I Catch Myself Crying
  3. Trying To Forget
  4. I Know One
  5. Seabreeze
  6. I Won’t Come In While He’s There
  7. Blue Without My Baby
  8. Teardrops On The Rocks
  9. Crying Is My Favorite Mood
  10. Deep Dark Water


A Touch Of Sadness:

  1. Where Do I Go To Throw A Picture Away
  2. You Kept Me Awake Last Night
  3. I’m Crying Again
  4. Oh, How I Miss You Tonight
  5. Lonesome Waltz
  6. Your Wedding
  7. When You Are Gone
  8. Missing You
  9. Honey, Won’t You Please Come Home
  10. In A Mansion Stands My Love
  11. I’m Glad You’re Better


Jim Reeves On Stage:

  1. Medley: Mexican Joe/Yonder Comes A Sucker 
  2. Medley: Dialogue/Four Walls/I Missed Me/Tennessee Waltz/I Really Don’t Want To Know/He’ll Have To Go 
  3. Medley Dialogue/ Walking The Floor Over You/Dialogue/There Stands The Glass/Dialogue/One By One/Dialogue/Guess Things Happen That Way/Dialogue/I Want To Be With You Always 
  4. Dialogue/ Wildwood Flower 
  5. Dialogue/The Blizzard
  6. Dialogue/Your Old Love Letters
  7. Dialogue/Am I Losing You
  8. Dialogue/Bimbo
  9. Dialogue/Stand At Your Window
  10. Dialogue/Danny Boy/ Dialogue