Charley Pride – Country Classics / Night Games / Power Of Love / Back To The Country

Double CD – £9.99
Catalog No. BGOCD1287
Country Classics / Night Games / Power Of Love / Back To The Country by Charley Pride
  • Four more RCA albums, dating from 1982, 1983, 1984 and 1986
  • This package features the Country No.1 ‘Night Games’ as well as ‘Ev’ry Heart Should Have One’ and ‘The Power Of Love’
  • Pride continues to record and gig, even after such a long and distinguished career
  • Digitally remastered and slipcased and with new notes


Country Classics:

  1. More And More
  2. In The Jailhouse Now
  3. Burning Bridges
  4. Tennessee Saturday Night
  5. Radio Heroes
  6. Wondering
  7. That’s How Much I Love You
  8. Filipino Baby
  9. Why Baby Why
  10. Up To My Heart In Memories

Night Games:

  1. Draw The Line
  2. Love On A Blue Rainy Day
  3. The Late Show
  4. Night Games
  5. Down In Louisiana
  6. Ev’ry Heart Should Have One
  7. Thanks For Wakin’ Me Up This Mornin’
  8. Lovin’ It Up (Livin’ It Down)
  9. Just Can’t Leave That Woman Alone
  10. I Could Let Her Get Close To Me (But She Could Never Get Close To You)

Power Of Love:

  1. The Power Of Love
  2. Everybody’s Lookin’ For You
  3. Missin’ Mississippi
  4. Ellie
  5. Falling In Love Again
  6. Stagger Lee
  7. Gotta See Some More Of You
  8. I Only Miss You On Weak Days
  9. Girl Trouble
  10. Some Days It Rains All Night Long

Back To The Country:

  1. I Coulda Had Love
  2. How Many Angels
  3. If You Were Mine
  4. Are You Sincere
  5. I Keep Forgettin’ (I Forgot About You)
  6. Back To The Country
  7. A Heart Like Mine (And A Memory Like Yours)
  8. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain