Jim Reeves – The International Jim Reeves / Kimberley Jim / My Cathedral / And Some Friends

Double CD – £9.99
Catalog No. BGOCD1293
The International Jim Reeves / Kimberley Jim / My Cathedral / And Some Friends by Jim Reeves
  • Four albums from the late, lamented Country singer Jim Reeves
  • The albums date from 1962, 1963, 1967 and 1968
  • The tracks ‘Guilty’ and ‘Love Is No Excuse’ were US Country hits
  • Though it’s just over 50 years since Reeves died in a tragic plane crash, he has maintained a loyal global following, with his posthumous releases enjoying large sales and chart success
  • Digitally remastered and slipcased
  • Extensive new notes


The International Jim Reeves:

  1. Auf Wiederseh’n Sweetheart   
  2. The Old Kalahari
  3. The White Cliffs Of Dover
  4. True
  5. I’m Crying Again
  6. Guilty
  7. Blue Canadian Rockies
  8. The Hawaiian Wedding Song
  9. You Are My Love
  10. Heartbreak In Silhouette
  11. Tahiti
  12. Golden Memories And Silver Tears


Kimberley Jim:

  1. Kimberley Jim
  2. Strike It Rich
  3. I Grew Up
  4. My Life Is A Gypsy
  5. Born To Be Lucky
  6. Old Fashioned Rag
  7. Could I Be Falling In Love
  8. Diamonds In The Sand
  9. A Stranger’s Just A Friend
  10. Fall In And Follow
  11. Roving Gambler
  12. Dolly With The Dimpled Knees
  13. The Boom-Chic Polka
  14. The Search Is Ended

My Cathedral:

  1. Where Do I Go From Here
  2. Mary’s Little Boy Child
  3. Beyond The Clouds
  4. (Make Me Wonderful) In Her Eyes
  5. Teach Me How To Pray
  6. May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You
  7. My Cathedral
  8. He Will
  9. The Flowers, The Sunset, The Trees
  10. The Farmer And The Lord
  11. I’ve Lived A Lot In My Time


And Some Friends:

  1. Love Is No Excuse
  2. You’ll Never Be Mine Again
  3. How Can I Write On Paper (What I Feel In My Heart)
  4. But You Love Me, Daddy
  5. Are You The One
  6. Look Who’s Talking
  7. Mother Of A Honky Tonk Girl
  8. My Hands Are Clean
  9. I Love You
  10. Stand At Your Window