Peter Sarstedt – Peter Sarstedt/As Though It Were A Movie

Double CD Set – £9.99
Catalog No. BGOCD274
Peter Sarstedt/As Though It Were A Movie by Peter Sarstedt (1968/69)
Includes bonus tracks as listed


  1. I Am A Cathedral
  2. Sons Of Cain Are Abel
  3. No More Lollipops
  4. Stay Within Myself
  5. You Are My Life
  6. Sayonara
  7. Where Do You Go To (My Lovely)
  8. Blagged
  9. My Daddy Is A Millionaire
  10. Once Upon An Everyday
  11. Mary Jane
  12. Time Was Leading Us Home
  13. Many Coloured Semi Precious
  14. Plastic Easter Egg
  15. Time, Love, Hope, Life
  16. Overture
  17. As Though It Were A Movie
  18. Open A Tin
  19. Step Into The Candlelight
  20. Take Off Your Clothes
  21. Letter To A Friend And Intermission
  22. Overture
  23. Boulevard
  24. The Sunshine Is Expensive
  25. The Artist
  26. The Friendship Song (Hey Nena)
  27. Juan
  28. I'm A Good Boy
  29. National Anthem And Doors Close At 10.45pm Extra Tracks: Frozen Orange Juice
  30. Aretusa Loser