Bobby Goldsboro – It’s Too Late/”Today”

2 on 1 CD – £9.99
Catalog No. BGOCD546
It’s Too Late/”Today”  by Bobby Goldsboro

This release combines Bobby’s first and fourth albums from 1966 and 1969 respectively, originally appearing on the United Artists record label

Our first release by Bobby Goldsboro (BGOCD414 Honey/Summer (The First Time)) has sold exceptionally well

Bobby Goldsboro’s career has been a remarkable evolution. This multi-talented performer started out in the early sixties as a guitarist with Roy Orbison, and during his three years with Roy he travelled all over the world and even toured with the Beatles. In 1964 Goldsboro went out on his own and recorded ‘See the Funny Little Clown’,  the first of a string of hit records.

In 1968 he recorded the classic ‘Honey’, which became the biggest selling record in the world at the time. His recordings of ‘Watchin’ Scotty Grow’, ‘Little Green Apples’ and ‘With Pen In Hand’ have also become classics 

The 1970s brought Goldsboro his own US nationally-syndicated show which ran for three seasons, and he also became a sought-after guest on the TV talk show circuit. Goldsboro then formed House of Gold Music which became one of the most successful music publishing companies in Nashville, publishing such songs as ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ and ‘Behind Closed Doors’

As a songwriter, Bobby has received 27 BMI awards and his compositions have been recorded by artists including Aretha Franklin, John Denver, Paul Anka, Dolly Parton, Dr. John and Bette Midler. His songs ‘With Pen In Hand’ and ‘Autumn Of My Life’ are members of BMI’s exclusive “Million-Airs Club,” which contains only those songs which have been played on the air over one million times! 


It’s Too Late:

  1. It’s Too Late
  2. As Tears Go By
  3. Don’t Think Twice
  4. Baby’s Gone
  5. When Your Love Has Gone
  6. Nothin’s Bad As Being Lonely
  7. Yesterday
  8. Blue Autumn
  9. Michelle
  10. I Just Don’t Love You Any More


  1. Glad She’s A Woman
  2. Richer Men Than I
  3. The World I Used To Know
  4. Tomorrow Is Forgotten
  5. You’re Here
  6. What A Wonderful World
  7. I’m A Drifter
  8. Woman Without Love
  9. Today
  10. Ain’t That Livin’
  11. Say It’s Not Over
  12. Hoboes And Kings

PLUS bonus tracks from the ‘Broomstick Cowboy’ album, which were the A and B sides of collectable singles from 1965 and 1966:

  1. Broomstick Cowboy
  2. I’m Goin’ Home
  3. It Breaks My Heart
  4. If You Wait For Love

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