Merle Haggard – Hag/Let Me Tell You About A Song

2 on 1 CD – £9.99
Catalog No. BGOCD548
Hag/Let Me Tell You About A Song by Merle Haggard (1971 / 72)
These two LPs were originally released in 1971 (Hag) and 1972 (Let Me Tell You) on the Capitol record label. Now available for the first time as a 2 on 1 CD

Maverick country singer Merle Haggard represents an unusual intersection in American music, a crossroad where folk, pop, jazz and blues traditions are used to create his own soul-baring form of expression. With an impressive 39 #1 country hits, numerous awards (Grammy, CMA, ACM, and BMI have all acknowledged him), the 65 year old Haggard has always set his own trends: he's the only country performer ever featured on the cover of jazz bible Downbeat; the only California born singer in the Country Music Hall of Fame; and the only artist who's done stints both as an invited entertainer at the White House and in San Quentin's infamous solitary confinement 'hole' - clearly a powerful, creative force.


  1. Hag: Soldier's Last Letter
  2. Shelly's Winter Love
  3. Jesus, Take A Hold
  4. I Can't Be Myself
  5. I'm A Good Loser
  6. Sidewalks Of Chicago
  7. No Reason To Quit
  8. If You've Got Time
  9. The Farmer's Daughter
  10. I've Done It All

    Let Me Tell You About A Song: Daddy Frank (The Guitar Man)
  11. They're Tearin' The Labor Camps Down
  12. The Man Who Picked The Wildwood Flower
  13. Recitation: The Proudest Fiddle In The World (A Maiden's Prayer) (Introductory remarks by Bonnie Owens)
  14. Bill Woods From Bakersfield
  15. Old Doc Brown
  16. Grandma Harp
  17. Turnin- Off A Memory
  18. Irma Jackson
  19. The Funeral
  20. Bring It On Down To My House Honey