Rick Derringer – All American Boy/Spring Fever

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All American Boy/Spring Fever by Rick Derringer (1973 / 75)
  • Originally released on the Blue Sky/CBS label in 1973 and 1975, and now available for the first time as a 2 on 1 CD
  • Young guitar great, vocalist and entertainer Rick Derringer was just 16 when his band The McCoys recorded the Number One hit 'Hang On Sloopy' in the summer of 1965, knocking 'Yesterday' by the Beatles off the top slot. In 1969 Rick merged his talents with Johnny Winter to form Johnny Winter And ('And' referring to The McCoys)
  • Rick was the only producer of all gold and platinum Winter Brothers recordings
  • In 1971, Rick was featured on three albums ' 'Johnny Winter And', 'Johnny Winter And ' Live' and 'Edgar Winter's White Trash'.
  • 'And' featured the first version of Rick's 'Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo', which was also released as a single, then selected again for 'And ' Live'. Eventually, the busy Rick joined Edgar's White Trash full-time and produced the gold LP 'Roadwork'. Rick's solo album, 'All American Boy' was released in 1973 with now already popular 'Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo', this time as a hit single
  • Throughout the 70s and 80s Rick appeared on numerous albums by artists including Alice Cooper, Todd Rundgren, Steely Dan, Cyndi Lauper, Barbara Streisand and Kiss. In the mid-80s, he discovered Weird Al Jancovic and went on to produce award-winning albums and videos, including the Michael Jackson parodies 'Eat It' and 'Who's Fat'. More recently, Rick was selected to be producer/writer/performer of the World Wrestling Federation albums, and wrote and performed Hulk Hogan's theme song, 'I Am A Real American'


  1. All American Boy:
    1. Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo 2. Joy Ride 3. Teenage Queen 4. Cheap Tequila 5. Uncomplicated 6. Hold 7. The Airport Giveth 8. Teenage Love Affair 9. It?s Raining 10. Time Warp 11. Slide On Over Slinky 12. Jump, Jump, Jump

    Spring Fever:
    13. Gimme More 14. Tomorrow 15. Don't Ever Say Goodbye 16. Still Alive And Well 17. Rock 18. Hang On Sloopy 19. Roll With Me 20. Walking The Dog 21. He Needs Some Answers 22. Skyscraper Blues

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