Nucleus – Under The Sun/Snakehips Etcetera

Double CD Set – £9.99
Catalog No. BGOCD568
Under The Sun/Snakehips Etcetera by Nucleus (1974/1975)
  • This is the third in our recent reissue programme of Ian Carr and Nucleus material which has been exceptionally well received
  • Originally released in 1974 and 1975 respectively, both albums are now being released by BGO as a double CD with the express wish by Ian that we do so
  • Full sleevenotes by noted author and broadcaster Alyn Shipton, who is also Ian's biographer '
  • Lineups on the albums are: 'Under The Sun' - Ian Carr, Bob Bertles, Gordon Beck, Geoff Castle, Jocelyn Pitchen, Ken Shaw, Roger Sutton, Bryan Spring & Keiran White; 'Snakehips Etcetera' - Ian Carr, Bob Bertles, Ken Shaw, Geoff Castle, Roger Sutton & Roger Sellers
  • Trumpeter, composer, author, educator and broadcaster Ian Carr is a major force in British jazz and since 1970 has been one of Europe's leading musicians.
  • In 1969 he formed Nucleus, one of the earliest pioneers of electronic jazz-rock fusion, and their early albums had a wide seminal influence in Europe.
  • Nucleus won first prize at the 1970 Montreaux International Jazz Festival and appeared that summer at the USA Newport Festival and the Village Gate, New York.
  • In 1982, Ian received the Calabria (Southern Italy) award for outstanding contribution in the field of jazz, and in 1987 he was given Wire magazine's special award for services to British Jazz.
  • In recent years, Ian has become almost as well known as an author; his 1982 book on Miles Davis remains the standard biography.
  • He is now an associate Professor at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama where he gives weekly lectures on jazz history


  1. Under The Sun: 1. In Procession 2. The Addison Trip 3. Pastoral Graffitti 4. New Life 5. A Taste Of Sarsaparilla 6. Theme 1 Sarsaparilla 7. Theme 2 Feast Alfresco 8. Theme 3 Rites Of Man

    Snakehips Etcetera: 1.Rat's Bag 2. Alive And Kicking 3. Rachel?s Tune 4. Snakehips Etcetera 5. Pussyfoot 6. Heyday

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