Johnny Burnette – Johnny Burnette Sings/The Johnny Burnette Story

2 on 1 CD – £9.99
Catalog No. BGOCD579
Johnny Burnette Sings/The Johnny Burnette Story by Johnny Burnette (1961 / 1964)
  • These two albums are possibly the rarest and most classic of all the Johnny Burnette releases we have so far put out at BGO - 'Johnny Burnette Sings' commands a collector's price of £75-£85 (GBP) and 'The Johnny Burnette Story' about £50 (GBP)
  • Originally released on the London/Liberty record labels in 1961 and 1964 respectively, now available for the first time on one CD
  • Singles-wise, 'Sings' had 'Little Boy Sad' with its b-side 'Pledge Of Love', and 'Story' had 'Dreamin'', 'You're Sixteen' (later covered by Ringo Starr), 'Clown Shoes', 'God, Country And My Baby', 'Little Boy Sad', 'Girls' and 'Settin' The Woods On Fire' amongst many others
  • With his Trio, Johnny is credited as having been a direct influence on Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Yardbirds, Jeff Beck, Aerosmith, The Stray Cats, and countless others. He was also instrumental in getting Gene Vincent onto Capitol Records
  • The following is from the 1961 Liberty biog for Johnny Burnette: 'In July 1960, with 14 violins instead of his guitars backing him, Johnny recorded an item called 'Dreamin'. He didn't have to, any longer, for the record did what all the others had failed to do - it became a bonafide hit. Then, as always seems to happen, the hits came with joyous consistency 'You're Sixteen', 'Little Boy Sad', 'Big Big World', 'Girls' etc etc.'
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  1. Johnny Burnette Sings: 1. Little Boy Sad 2. Mona Lisa 3. I'm Still Dreaming 4. In The Chapel In The Moonlight 5. Red Sails In The Sunset 6. Big Big World 7. The Ballad Of One Eyed Jacks 8. Treasure Of Love 9. The Fool 10. Blue Blue Morning 11. Memories Are Made Of This 12. Pledge Of Love The Johnny Burnette Story: 13. Dreamin' 14. Clown Shoes 15. You're Sixteen, You're Beautiful (And You?re Mine) 16. Big Big World 17. God, Country And My Baby 18. Little Boy Sad 19. I've Got A Lot Of Things To Do 20. Settin' The Woods On Fire 21. The Way I Am 22. The Fool Of The Year 23. I Beg Your Pardon 24. Girls

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