Marty Wilde – Wilde About Marty/Marty Wilde Showcase

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Catalog No. BGOCD594
Wilde About Marty/Marty Wilde Showcase by Marty Wilde (1959 / 60)
Originally released in 1959 and 1960 respectively on the Philips record labelMarty Wilde was born Leonard Reginald Smith in Greenwich, London, on April 15, 1939. He was a Larry Parnes discovery - hewas spotted, aged 19, performing at the Condor Club, London. His first record, Honeycomb, was un-noticed, but his next, Endless Sleep(included here), was an instant success. Bad Boy,which he wrote, was another big hit in 1959, although like Billy Fury, Marty never had a Number One recordMost Billy Fury fans associate Marty with the package tour that played at the Birkenhead Essoldo on 1st October, 1958, when inan event that became show business legend, young Ron Wycherley called to play some of his songs for Marty and LarryParnes and found himself thrust on stage. Marty is one of the rock and roll era's great survivors. He has worked all over the world, and in the new millennium, he is stillgoing strongMarty is (in case you didn't know!!) Kim Wilde's father


  1. lde About Marty:Down The Line Love Of My Life Put Me Down Blue Moon Of Kentucky Dream Lover You've Got Love I Flipped All American Boy Mean Woman Blues Are You Sincere? High School Confidential Don't Pity Me Splish Splash So Glad You're Mine Showcase:Honeycomb No One Knows The Fire Of Love Endless Sleep A Teenager In Love My Heart And I Donna It's Been Nice Sea Of Love Teenage Tears Bad Boy Johnny Rocco