Amazing Blondel – Evensong/Fantasia Lindum

2 on 1 CD – £9.99
Catalog No. BGOCD626
Evensong/Fantasia Lindum by Amazing Blondel
  • First two albums from the Mediaeval Folkies
  • New sleevenotes and slip case


  1. Evensong:1. Pavan 2. St. Crispins Day 3. Spring Season 4. Willowood 5. Evensong 6. Queen Of Scots 7. The Ploughman 8. Old Moot Hall 9. Lady Marion's Galliard 10. Under The Greenwood Tree 11. Anthem

    Fantasia Lindum:12. Fantasia Lindum Prelude and Theme: Song"Swifts, Swains and Leafy Lanes";; Dance"Jug Upon Jig";; Theme (Lutes and Recorder); Dance Galliard"God Must Doubt";; Song"Lincolnshire Lullaby";; Dance"Basse Danse";; Theme (Lute Duet); Dance"Quatre Bras Pavan";; Song"Celestial Light"; (For Lincoln Cathedral); Dance"Coranto";; Theme (Lutes and Recorders); End 13. Toye 14. Safety In God Alone 15. Two Dances: Almaine/Bransle"For My Lady's Delight"; 16. Three Seasons Almaine 17. Siege of Yaddlethorpe

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