Gary Wright – Extraction/Footprint

2 on 1 CD – £9.99
Catalog No. BGOCD699
Extraction/Footprint by Gary Wright

The first two solo albums from ex-Spooky Tooth keyboardist Gary Wright. These date from the early '70's and were first released by A&M Records

Musicians featured include George Harrison, Alan White, Klaus Voorman, Bobby Keys, Jim Gordon and many more

Digitally remastered and with new notes


  1. Extraction: Get On The Right Road
  2. Get Hold Of Yourself
  3. Sing A Song
  4. We Try Hard
  5. I Know A Place
  6. The Wrong Time
  7. Over You Now
  8. Too Late To Cry
  9. I've Got A Story

    Footprint: Give Me The Good Earth
  10. Two Faced Man
  11. Love To Survive
  12. Whether It's Right Or Wrong
  13. Stand For Our Rights
  14. Fascinating Things
  15. Forgotten
  16. If You Treat Someone Right