Savoy Brown – Lion's Share/Jack The Toad

Double CD – £9.99
Catalog No. BGOCD731
Lion's Share/Jack The Toad by Savoy Brown

BGO's fifth pairing of Savoy Brown albums, 'Lion's Share' features Dave Walker on vocals, returning to the band after leaving to join Fleetwood Mac ('Penguin')

'Jack The Toad' features veteran rock'n'roller Jackie Lynton on vocals and a change of producer in Barry Murray

Digitally remastered and slip-cased

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Also available on BGO Records: BGOCD666 Raw Sienna/Looking In; BGOCD677 Shake Down/Getting To The Point; BGOCD678 Blue Matter/A Step Further; BGOCD717 Street Corner Talking/Hellbound Train


  1. Lion's Share: Shot In The Head
  2. Second Try
  3. The Saddest Feeling
  4. I Can't Find You
  5. Howling For My Darling
  6. So Tired
  7. Denim Demon
  8. Love Me Please
  9. Hate To See You Go

    Jack The Toad: Coming Down Your Way
  10. Ride On Babe
  11. Hold Your Fire
  12. If I Want To
  13. Endless Sleep
  14. Casting My Spell
  15. Just Cos You Got The Blues Don't Mean You Gotta Sing
  16. Some People
  17. Jack The Toad

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