America – Silent Letter/Alibi

2 on 1 CD – £9.99
Catalog No. BGOCD734
Silent Letter/Alibi by America

Two 80's albums from US band America. 'Silent Letter' was the last that George Martin produced for them

With a string of hit albums and singles in the US, these were America's first two albums for Capitol Records

Digitally remastered, slip-cased and with new notes

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  1. Track Listing

    Silent Letter:

    Only Game in Town • All Around • Tall Treasures • 1960 • And Forever • Foolin' • All Night • No Fortune • All My Life • One Morning • High In The City


    Survival • Might Be Your Love • Catch That Train • You Could've Been The One • I Don't Believe In Miracles • I Do Believe In You • Hangover • Right Back To Me • Coastline • Valentine • One In A Million

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