Graham Collier – Down Another Road/Songs For My Father/Mosaics

3 Albums on 2 CDs – £9.99
Catalog No. BGOCD767
Down Another Road/Songs For My Father/Mosaics by Graham Collier (1969/1970)

Three albums recorded between 1969 and ’70 by Graham Collier Sextet/Music, originally released on Fontana (a subsidiary of Philips Records)

At times his band included Harry Beckett, Kenny Wheeler and John Surman

British Modern Jazz is now being critically revalued and these albums are testament to some fine original music

Digitally remastered and slipcased

New notes by Alyn Shipton

"These three records stand comparison with any records from the late sixties … I simply can’t recommend this reissue strongly enough."
Duncan Heining, Jazzwise

"Whether the music is sketch-like structure or more formal composition, the music on this double-disc set leaps out of the speakers with the kind of life, sensitivity and expressionism that’s defined this seminal British musician then, and ever since."
John Kellman, All About Jazz

"This is an exemplary reissue in terms of plotting the course of a music coming into its own. Equally importantly, both of these discs pass the repeated listening test with aplomb. Students of the history of the music, as well as those with an interest in how the music has managed to retain its artistic vibrancy, need look no further for deep satisfaction."
Nic Jones, All About Jazz

"The overall impression created by the three albums is one of a young composer bursting with original ideas and revelling in the skills of the musicians at his disposal. Recommended."
Chris Parker, Vortex Jazz Club web site


  1. Down Another Road:

    • Down Another Road
    • Danish Blue
    • The Barley Mow
    • Aberdeen Angus
    • Lullaby For A Lonely Child
    • Molewrench

    Songs For My Father:

    • Song One (Seven-Four)
    • Song Two (Ballad)
    • Song Three (Nine-Eight Blues)
    • Song Four (Waltz in Four-Four)
    • Song Five (Rubato)
    • Song Six (Dirge)
    • Song Seven (Four-Four Figured)


    • Piano Cadenza (including Theme 1)/Theme 1 (Ensemble) and Flugel Solo/Duet Flugel and Soprano and Soprano Cadenza (including Theme 4)/Theme 2 (Soprano and Rhythm) and Soprano Solo/Drum Cadenza (including Theme 2) into Theme 3 (ensemble)
    • Flugel Cadenza (including Theme 4) Duet Bass & Flugel/Theme 6 (ensemble) and Tenor Solo (Sydor)/Tenor Cadenza (Sydor) and Tenor Duet/Piano Cadenza into Theme 2 (Piano and Rhythm)/Flugel Solo over Theme 8 in tenors