Matthews Southern Comfort – Later That Same Year + Bonus Tracks

Single CD – £9.99
Catalog No. BGOCD807
Later That Same Year + Bonus Tracks by Matthews Southern Comfort (1970)
  • From 1970 came the third and last Matthews Southern Comfort album before Ian and the band split to go their seperate ways. Southern Comfort (the name the band continued with after Matthews left) produced two albums before folding
  • Ian Matthews has subsequently gone on to have a long and critically-acclaimed recording career
  • Included on this BGO release as one of four bonus tracks is the UK No.1 hit single, ‘Woodstock’
  • Digitally remastered and slip-cased and with new notes
  • Ads in Record Collector and Shindig
  • Also available on BGO Records: BGOCD313 Matthews Southern Comfort/Second Spring; (by Ian Matthews) BGOCD680 Stealin’ Home/Siamese Friends; BGOCD681 Spot Of Interference/‘Shook’; BGOCD727 Go For Broke/Hit And Run; BGOCD733 The Dark Ride/God Looked Down; BGOCD739 Pure And Crooked/Skeleton Key


  1. Track Listing

    Later That Same Year:

    1. To Love
    2. And Me
    3. Tell Me Why
    4. Jonah
    5. My Lady
    6. And When She Smiles
    7. Mare Take Me Home
    8. Sylvie
    9. Brand New Tennessee Waltz
    10. For Melanie
    11. Road To Ronderlin

    Bonus Tracks:

    1. Woodstock
    2. The Struggle
    3. Parting
    4. Scion