Duane Eddy – Twenty Terrific Twangies/Water Skiing

2 on 1 CD – £9.99
Catalog No. BGOCD831
Twenty Terrific Twangies/Water Skiing by Duane Eddy
  • Without Duane Eddy's groundbreaking guitar style in the late 1950s, popular music would be very different. Many artists credit him with being their inspiration, and his 'twangy' sound has been copied but never successfully recreated.
  • His unique style resulted in a string of chart hits by the early 60s, and in 1961 he was voted NME's 'Top World Personality' – ahead of Elvis! In 1986 he returned to the singles charts with 'Peter Gunn', a collaboration with Art of Noise. Originally released by RCA in the UK in 1980, 'Twenty Terrific Twangies' was sought after by fans as it contained five previously unreleased tracks.
  • The album opens with the ever-popular '(Dance With The) Guitar Man' and includes one of Duane's biggest hits, 'Rebel Rouser'. But it is those five 'new' tracks that are the treats, with 'Sunday Morning Rain' surely one of THE best 'mood' songs by Duane, enhanced by the wonderful orchestral accompaniment.
  • 1964's 'Water Skiing' was inspired by the water sport, with appropriate track titles to match. Duane was proficient at the sport, so he was able to infect the music with real, experienced feelings and emotions.
  • The water sound effects added in the studio also enhance the feeling of 'being there', with Duane's deep guitar sound echoing and mirroring the roar of the outboard motor.


  1. Twenty Terrific Twangies: (Dance With The) Guitar Man
  2. Deep In The Heart Of Texas
  3. Stretchin' Out
  4. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
  5. The Feud
  6. Ballad In 'A'
  7. The Backward Swan
  8. Our Day Will Come
  9. Blowin' Up A Storm
  10. Ballad Of Paladin
  11. Boss Guitar
  12. Jerky Jalopy
  13. Rebel Rouser
  14. Country Twist - Sunday Morning Rain
  15. Mirriam
  16. Twangsville
  17. Peppermint Twist
  18. Saints And Sinners
  19. The Last Dance

    Water Skiing: Water Skiing
  20. Slalom
  21. Rooster Tail
  22. The Backward Swan
  23. Whip Off
  24. Jitterboard
  25. Deep-Water Start
  26. The Wake Ballet
  27. Toe-Hold Side Slide
  28. Banana Peels
  29. In Gear
  30. Jumping The Wake