Neil Sedaka – Emergence/Solitaire

Double CD – £9.99
Catalog No. BGOCD840
Emergence/Solitaire  by Neil Sedaka
  • Neil Sedaka's two 70's comeback albums
  • From being a 50's and 60's teen star, Sedaka began to concentrate on songwriting as the 60's wore on. His songs have been recorded by artists from Abba to Elvis Presley
  • In 1971 he was persuaded back in the studio for 'Emergence'. 'Solitaire' followed, which was recorded in England with 10cc as the back-up band. This proved to be stepping stone that resurrected his career
  • Digitally remastered and slip-cased and with extensive new notes
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  1. Emergence: I'm A Song (Sing Me)
  2. Gone With The Morning
  3. Superbird
  4. Silent Movies
  5. Little Song
  6. Prelude
  7. Cardboard California
  8. One More Mountain To Climb
  9. God Bless Joanna
  10. Is Anybody Gonna Miss You
  11. What Have They Done To The Moon
  12. Rosemary Blue
  13. Wish I Was A Carousel
  14. Reprise: I'm A Song (Sing Me)

    Solitaire: That's When The Music Takes Me
  15. Beautiful You
  16. Express Yourself
  17. Anywhere You're Gonna Be (Leba's Song)
  18. Home
  19. Adventures Of A Boy Child Wonder
  20. Better Days Are Coming
  21. Dimbo Man
  22. Trying To Say Goodbye
  23. Solitaire
  24. Don't Let It Mess Your Mind