Cressida – Cressida/Asylum

2 on 1 CD – £9.99
Catalog No. BGOCD866
Cressida/Asylum by Cressida
  • Originally released in 1970 and 1971 respectively on the Vertigo ‘spiral’ label (Polydor’s progressive rock imprint). Original copies are extremely rare, commanding prices in the collectors’ market of over £100 (GBP) each.
  • Cressida were a British art rock band formed at the end of the 1960’s, with a sound not dissimilar to the Moody Blues. They combined a heavy organ and Mellotron sound (courtesy of keyboard player Peter Jennings) with vocalist Angus Cullen’s singing.
  • Their self-titled debut is filled with hauntingly beautiful melodies and straightforward, accessible song structures.
  • ’Asylum’ was produced by Australian Ossie Byrne, known for his production work on the first Bee Gees album.
  • After the band split, Ian Clark had a brief stay with Uriah Heep, and John Culley became a member of Black Widow.
  • Full sleevenote by Daryl Easlea


  1. Cressida: To Play Your Little Game
  2. Winter Is Coming Again
  3. Time For Bed
  4. Cressida
  5. Home And Where I Long To Be
  6. Depression
  7. One Of A Group
  8. Lights In My Mind
  9. The Only Earthman In Town
  10. Spring' 69
  11. Down Down
  12. Tomorrow Is A Whole New Day

    Asylum: Asylum
  13. Munich
  14. Goodbye Post Office Tower Goodbye
  15. Survivor
  16. Reprieved
  17. Lisa
  18. Summer Weekend Of A Lifetime
  19. Let Them
  20. Come When They Will