Shawn Phillips – Contribution/Second Contribution

2 on 1 CD – £9.99
Catalog No. BGOCD871
Contribution/Second Contribution  by Shawn Phillips
  • Originally released in 1970 and 1971 on the A&M record label
  • Shawn Phillips is one of most fascinating and enigmatic artists to come out of the early ‘70s singer-songwriter boom. The fact that he was a musician as much as a singer/songwriter made him stand out, and his refusal to shape his music – which crosses between folk-rock, jazz, progressive, pop and classical – to anyone else's expectations has allowed him to hold onto a large and dedicated following.
  • ‘Contribution’, Phillips’ first major album, mixes progressive rock and folk sounds in a manner unique to its time. Recorded with help from members of Traffic (Steve Winwood, Jim Capaldi, Chris Wood and Caleb Quayle) among others, this is a condensation of a far more ambitious studio original that was intended to fill three LPs.
  • On ‘Second Contribution’, Phillips carries us across folk (‘The Ballad Of Casey Deiss’) and rock styles, with a heavy R&B feel at times (‘Song For Mr. C’), accompanied by a band and arranger Paul Buckminster’s (Elton John, Stones, Bowie, Bee Gees) most restrained orchestrations. (Quotes courtesy AMG)


  1. Contribution: Man Hole Covered Wagon
  2. L Ballade
  3. Not Quite Nonsense
  4. No Question
  5. Withered Roses
  6. For JFK RFK & MLK
  7. Lovely Lady
  8. Screamer For Phlyses

    Second Contribution: She Was Waiting For Her Mother At The Station In Torino And You Know I Love You Baby But It’s Getting Too Heavy To Laugh
  9. Keep On
  10. Sleepwalker
  11. Song For Mr. C
  12. The Ballad Of Casey Deiss
  13. Song For Sagittarians
  14. Lookin’ Up Lookin’ Down
  15. Remedial Interruption
  16. Whazz At
  17. Schmaltz Waltz
  18. F Sharp Splendor
  19. Steel Eyes