Atlanta Rhythm Section – Dog Days/Red Tape

2 on 1 CD – £9.99
Catalog No. BGOCD874
Dog Days/Red Tape by Atlanta Rhythm Section
  • Recorded in 1975 and 1976 respectively, and originally released on the Polydor record label
  • ‘Dog Days’ was the band’s first true masterpiece – an album that still stands as one of their best. The band were beginning to display a growing array of musical styles and approaches very different to where the rest of ‘Southern Rock’ was headed
  • ‘Red Tape’ – another early classic and a much in demand title from fans and public alike – features a harder rock approach with predominantly shorter pop-length songs
  • From AMG review: “When they released ‘Red Tape’ in 1976, the Atlanta Rhythm Section were at the brink of success. They achieved it the following year, when ‘A Rock and Roll Alternative’ nearly broke into the Top Ten, but they truly found their winning sound here. The blend of soul, blues, country and rock is melodic and appealing – maybe not as complex as the Allman Brothers, but rivalling the Marshall Tucker Band in terms of songwriting and sound. An impressive effort from a band beginning to find its feet.”


  1. Dog Days: Crazy
  2. Boogie Smoogie
  3. Cuban Crisis
  4. It Just Ain’t Your Moon
  5. Dog Days
  6. Bless My Soul
  7. Silent Treatment
  8. All Night Rain

    Red Tape: Jukin/San Antonio Rose
  9. Mixed Emotions
  10. Shanghied
  11. Police! Police!
  12. Beautiful Dreamers
  13. Oh What A Feeling
  14. Free Spirit
  15. Another Man’s Woman

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