April Wine – Animal Grace/Walking Through Fire

2 on 1 CD – £9.99
Catalog No. BGOCD905
Animal Grace/Walking Through Fire by April Wine
  • Canadian rockers April Wine’s last two 80’s albums for Capital, both making the US Top 100
  • Throughout the late 70’s and 80’s the band had been a popular live act with three US Top 40 single hits to their credit
  • Digitally remastered
  • Slipcased and with new notes
  • Ads in the music press
  • Also available on BGO Records:
    BGOCD762 First Glance/Harder, Faster


  1. Animal Grace: This Could Be The Right One
  2. Sons Of The Pioneers
  3. Without Your Love
  4. Rock Tonite
  5. Hard Rock Kid
  6. Money Talks
  7. Gimme That Thing Called Love
  8. Too Hot To Handle
  9. Last Time I’ll Ever Sing The Blues

    Walking Through Fire: Rock Myself To Sleep
  10. Beg For Your Love
  11. Love Has Remembered Me
  12. Anejo
  13. Open Soul Surgery
  14. You Don’t Have To Act That Way
  15. Hold On
  16. All It Will Ever Be
  17. Wait Any More

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