Groundhogs – Blues Obituary

Single CD – £9.99
Catalog No. BGOCD922
Blues Obituary by Groundhogs
  • Groundhogs’ second album from 1969, still blues-based but, as the title suggests, moving to a more rock based style
  • Groundhogs went on to become one of the biggest blues/rock bands in the UK and Europe in the early 1970s with founder guitarist Tony T.S. McPhee everpresent
  • In the last three decades the Groundhogs have continued to tour and gig endlessly, but McPhee suffered health problems last year and so for now everything is on hold
  • Digitally remastered and slip-cased
  • New notes
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  • Also available on BGO Records:
    BGOCD131 Crosscut Saw/Black Diamond;
    BGOCD787 Hogwash;
    BGOCD701 Scratching The Surface


  1. B.D.D.
  2. Daze Of The Week
  3. Times
  4. Mistreated
  5. Express Man
  6. Natchez Burning
  7. Light Was The Day

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