John McMcLaughlin – Electric Guitarist/Electric Dreams

2 on 1 CD – £9.99
Catalog No. BGOCD932
Electric Guitarist/Electric Dreams by John McMcLaughlin
  • Ex-Graham Bond and Brian Auger guitarist McLaughlin’s career took off when he went to the States in 1969 to join Tony Williams’ Lifetime (this writer had the experience of seeing them in London’s Speakeasy club in 1970)
  • He then joined Miles Davis’ band, playing on seminal albums such as ‘In A Silent Way’ before going on to form the Mahavishnu Orchestra
  • ‘Electric Dreams’ features amongst others Stanley Clarke, Jack Bruce, Billy Cobham and Chick Corea
  • John McLaughlin is still recording and touring today
  • Digitally remastered and slipcased and with new notes


  1. Electric Guitarist: New York On My Mind
  2. Friendship
  3. Every Tear From Every Eye - Do You Hear The Voices That You Left Behind?
  4. Are You The One? Are You The One?
  5. Phenomenon: Compulsion
  6. My Foolish Heart

    Electric Dreams: Guardian Angels
  7. Miles Davis
  8. Electric Dreams, Electric Sighs - Desire And The Comforter
  9. Love And Understanding
  10. Singing Earth
  11. The Dark Prince
  12. The Unknown Dissident