John Dummer Band – John Dummer’s Famous Music Band/”Blue”

Double CD – £9.99
Catalog No. BGOCD984
John Dummer’s Famous Music Band/”Blue” by John Dummer Band
  • These albums, released in 1971 and 1972 on the Fontana and Vertigo labels, show a change in direction from their first two albums
  • With guitarist Dave Kelly replaced by Nick Pickett, the band moved slightly away from their original blues roots, but didn’t really find the commercial success they deserved
  • Digitally remastered, slipcased and with new notes
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  • Also available on BGO Records:
    BGPCD911 Cabal/John Dummer Blues Band


  1. John Dummer’s Famous Music Band: Lady Luck
  2. Changes
  3. Love Ain`t Nothing But Sorrow
  4. Run Around
  5. Yes Sir, She`s My Baby
  6. Boogie-Woogie Lullaby
  7. Coming Home
  8. Searching For You
  9. Nine By Nine
  10. Move Me, Don`t Leave Me
  11. Going In The Out
  12. No Chance Now
  13. Fine Looking Woman
  14. Green Leaves

    “Blue”: If I Could Keep From Laughing
  15. Medicine Weasel
  16. Rambling Boy
  17. Me And Your Boogie
  18. Time Will Tell
  19. The End Game
  20. Me And The Lady

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