Back Door / 8th Street Nites

Catalogue no: BGOCD1170 | Double CD



  • British jazz-rock trio’s first three albums for Warner Brothers, dating from 1973, 1974 and 1975
  • ‘8th Street Nites’ was recorded at New York’s Electric Ladyland Studios and produced by Cream producer Felix Pappalardi
  • Though critically acclaimed, large-scale commercial success eluded them and they broke up in 1977, occasionally reforming for one-off gigs
  • Digitally remastered and slipcased
  • Extensive new notes


Back Door:

  1. Vienna Breakdown
  2. Plantagenet
  3. Lieutenant Loose
  4. Askin’ The Way
  5. Turning Point
  6. Slivadiv
  7. Jive Grind
  8. Human Bed
  9. Catcote Rag
  10. Waltz For A Wollum
  11. Folksong
  12. Back Door

8th Street Nites:

  1. Linin’ Track
  2. Forget Me Daisy
  3. His Old Boots (Sein Alter Stiefel)
  4. Blue Country Blues
  5. Dancin’ In The Van
  6. 32-20 Blues
  7. Roberta
  8. It’s Nice When It’s Up
  9. One Day You’re Down, The Next Day You’re Down
  10. Walkin’ Blues
  11. The Bed Creaks Louder
  12. Adolphus Beal

Another Fine Mess:

  1. I’m Gonna Stay A Long, Long Time
  2. Blakey Jones
  3. T.B. Blues
  4. Candles Round Your Hat
  5. Detroit Blues
  6. The Spoiler
  7. Shaken By Love
  8. Streamline Guitar


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