Alleycat/Direct Hits

Catalogue no: BGOCD565



  • At last! The final Vertigo album, twinned with ‘Direct Hits’ which is a “Best Of” the Vertigo years
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  • Sleevenote by Ian Carr expert Alyn Shipton, plus Slip Case packaging
  • Also available on BGO Records:
    BGOCD47 (Nucleus) Elastic Rock/We’ll Talk About It Later;
    BGOCD420 (Ian Carr) Out Of The Long Dark/Old Heartland;
    BGOCD565 (Nucleus) Alleycat/In Flagrante Delicto;
    BGOCD566 (Ian Carr with Nucleus) Solar Plexus/ Belladonna;
    BGOCD567 (Ian Carr with Nucleus) Labyrinth/Roots;
    BGOCD568 (Nucleus) Under The Sun/Snakehips Etcetera;
    BGOCD613 (Don Rendell & Ian Carr) Change Is;
    BGOCD614 (Don Rendell & Ian Carr) Phase III/”Live”;
    BGOCD615 (Don Rendell & Ian Carr) Shades Of Blue/Dusk Fire



  1. Phaideaux Corner
  2. Alleycat
  3. Splat
  4. You Can’t Be Sure
  5. Nosegay

Direct Hits:

  1. Song For The Bearded Lady
  2. Crude Blues Part One
  3. Crude Blues Part Two
  4. Suspension
  5. Torso
  6. Bull Dance
  7. A Taste Of Sarsaparilla
  8. Sarsaparilla
  9. Roots


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