Dreams/Imagine My Surprise

Catalogue no: BGOCD940 | 2 on 1 CD



  • Fusion drummer Billy Cobham’s pedigree goes from Miles Davis through many jazz artists
  • Dreams was formed with the Brecker brothers (Michael and Randy) and John Abercrombie, and these, their only two albums, date from the very early 1970s
  • Critically acclaimed, the band and these recordings did not gain the commercial success they deserved
  • Digitally remastered and slipcased
  • New notes



  1. Devil Lady
  2. 15 Miles To Provo
  3. The Maryanne
  4. Holli Be Home
  5. Try Me
  6. Dream Suite: Asset Stop/Jane/Crunchy Grenola
  7. New York

Imagine My Surprise:

  1. Calico Baby
  2. Why Can’t I Find A Home
  3. Child Of Wisdom – Just Be Ourselves
  4. I Can’t Hear You
  5. Here She Comes Now – Don’t Cry My Lady
  6. Medicated Goo
  7. Imagine My Surprise


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