Dream Come True/Crazy For You/Low Ride

Catalogue no: BGOCD952 | 3 Albums on 2 CDs




Dream Come True:

  1. If It’s In Your Heart (It’s In Your Smile)
  2. Doc
  3. Amazon
  4. I Don’t Want To Leave You Alone Anymore
  5. Spellbound
  6. Sweet Rum And Starlight
  7. Dream Come True
  8. Message To Michael

Crazy For You:

  1. I’m Ready For Your Love
  2. Soft Stuff (And Other Sweet Delights)
  3. Twinkle
  4. Broadway Ramble
  5. Calypso Getaway
  6. The Rainmaker
  7. Balladina
  8. Crazy For You

Low Ride:

  1. Back In Central Park
  2. (If You Want To) Be My Love
  3. Low Ride
  4. Just Like Yesterday
  5. If You’re Still In Love With Me
  6. I Never Thought I’d Leave You
  7. Christina
  8. Night Drive


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